Some strategies on Design


Some strategies on Design

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Equmen undershirts for men have been praised as the answer to men's problems to improve their appearance by looking slimmer and feeling more confident.moncler jackets , Body shapers for men come in many forms from the compression vest, which mimics the form of post-surgery undergarments which apply pressure to flatten the chest and stomach, to the compression shirt that resembles a typical undershirt but features spandex to improve posture and make you look leaner.moncler , Borne out of Australia, the Equmen Core Precision Undershirt line goes by the tagline: The Wondershirt and makes a lot of claims to have you believe that these body shapers are the best choice on the market. But does it live up to the hype? Are these really "Wondershirts" after all?

The Equmen Wondershirt calls itself a "high-performance undergarment" fit for sport or everyday wear. The technical explanation deals with Helix Mapping technology and physiotherapy designed to sculpt, tone, and improve body mechanics. Among some of the touted benefits to the Wondershirt wearer include improved posture, core support throughout the back and abdomen muscles, and a highly visible smooth and slimming effect. All technicalities aside, how well does this compression undergarment really work? After all, you're not just spending $10 or $15 bucks to test it out. These body shaper shirts are priced close to a $100 price point.

What's The Verdict on These Body Shapers?

If you conduct a search and read all of the customer reviews you can find, you'll discover that most people are indeed pleased with the Equmen Core Precision Undershirts - which are available in your choice of long sleeve, short sleeve, and tank top - and also color coordinated to either high or extra high compression levels. Most of the feedback will say something like "I thought I would feel uncomfortable and restricted in my movement, but these undershirts were surprisingly comfortable and form-fitting" or "I immediately noticed a difference in my posture as soon as I put it on."

Body shapers don't work by magic, but rather it forces you to sit and stand straighter and corrects posture. For many men, standing completely upright rather than slouching will give you a slimmer appearance right off the bat. Add a spandex panel throughout the waist and it literally holds your stomach in for you. The end result is visibly subtracting a few inches off of the waist. And the consensus is that the Equmen undershirts do indeed work - very well.

Once you take the undershirt out of the package, it might look too small to the naked eye. Upon first wear, it may feel snug, but it loosens up slightly to offer a "second skin fit." You might anticipate feeling hot or uncomfortable with this garment on underneath your clothes, but the answer to that is the use of moisture-wicking technology to keep you cool. Even users who have worn this garment during sports activities have noted the same thing - even while sweating, you stay comfortably cool.

You may think you need the extra firm compression garment for maximal results, but try out the lower level of compression first. You might be pleasantly surprised. However, fellas, if you're larger than a XXL - with 41" waistline, you're out of luck, as this is the largest Equmen wondershirt size currently available.


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