disqualified him


disqualified him

帖子  cconlyone 于 周三 六月 08, 2011 5:10 am

The opener was a Lightweight match between Hylon Willaims Jr 12-0 cheap rs gold of Houston, TX and Jorge Cordero 4-5, 4 KOs of Puerto Rico. All the action in this fight came from Williams as Cordero cheap runescape money mostly covered up in the style of Floyd Patterson and occasionally burst out with a flurry. Williams solved the buy runescape money defense by going hard to the body, then up to the head. Cordero was penalized a point by Referee Russell runescape sale Mora when he landed a flagrant low blow in the third round and when he landed another low blow in the fourth, Referee Mora disqualified him. rs gold Williams gets a win by DQ at 1:22 of the fourth.


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